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India Nepal Tour Packages

India Nepal Tour Packages are designed to showcase the best of the two countries-India & Nepal. India tour is not merely visiting exotic & weird cultural diversity, architectural gems and rich variety of flora and fauna but also is adventure of learning. India is world’s oldest civilization and culture in perpetuity. India, with all its progress and urbanization, preserves and practices its traditional treasure of Yoga, Ayurveda, renunciation, caste system, attires, fairs, festivals, religious belief system and cultural lineage. Ethereal presence of spiritualism and religiosity can be experienced in every vital behavioral manifestation of an average Indian.

India offers immense possibilities of pure enjoyment for a curious traveler- tour desert on camel, catch sea-waves on the beaches of Goa and south India, do trekking through the Himalayas, visit thousands of years old temples and pagodas, avail courses of Yoga and enjoy a sensual and delicious cuisine. Explore the colour and chaos of the markets of Delhi, behold the erotic sculptures of Khajuraho temples and witness intimate displays of faith on the burning ghats of Varanasi. India still is recognized by the sadhus and gurus, ancient temples and medieval mosques of the Mughal, the land of yoga and renunciation, of the proud Sikhs and beggars, and of snake charmers. India tour is definitely a journey of lost villages and narrow alleys of ancient cities of Varanasi.

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